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07 Nov, 3:47 PM
'Grateful Diwali'

Aundh: 'Grateful Diwali' is a commendable activity and brings happiness to all. Corporator Amol Balwadkar understands the sentiments of the people and organizes innovative activities. His work should be imitated by others, said MLA and BJP city president Jagdish Mulik. He was speaking on the occasion of 'Grateful Diwali' organized by former chairman of City Improvement Committee and Bharatiya Janata Party corporator Amol Balwadkar at Balewadi in the presence of City President Mulik. Organizer Amol Balwadkar said that the Gratitude Festival has been organized. This Diwali gifts include flour, powdered sugar, oil, gram flour, vanaspati, baked flattened rice, salt, futana dal, pearl soap, coconut, cosmetics,

incense sticks, aromatic oil, rangoli. Balwadkar said that all the rules regarding corona were distributed in this initiative.

On this occasion Anil Balwadkar, Datta Balwadkar, Atmaram Balwadkar, Hanumant Balwadkar, BJP Yuva Morcha Kothrud Division Vice President Krishna Balwadkar, Shashikant Balwadkar, Rajesh Balwadkar, Sagar Balwadkar, Pravin Balwadkar, Anil Sasar and all members and citizens of Amol Balwadkar Foundation were present. This was done on a no-loss basis.
Photo line: - Distinguished guests on the occasion of 'Grateful Diwali' at Balewadi.

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