Rajendrakrushna Kapse
07 Nov, 5:03 PM
Open the subway for pedestrians

Warje Malwadi: The subway was closed as the incidence of coron was increasing. Now the subways are not yet open for pedestrians as the crowds on the roads are increasing. Pedestrians have to cross the square directly from the road.

The process of unlocking is underway across the country after the incidence of corona has decreased. The city is opening all these parks, including the gym. However, the underpasses at Erandwana, Karvenagar, Dahanukar Colony have been closed for unknown reasons. Creative Foundation President Sandeep Khardekar has asked Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar to open this footpath.

In places like Mehendale Garage Chowk, pedestrians have to face endless difficulties. At present, due to the huge increase in traffic, citizens are crossing the road holding hands. In such a situation, all subways should be cleaned immediately and opened to the public.


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