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08 Nov, 3:41 PM
This years Diwali sweet for consumers, The prices of farala items have come down

Market Yard: Diwali said that the demand from consumers is increasing, especially for Farala items. There was also an increase in rates. Therefore, the increased rate puts a strain on the pockets of the consumers. But this year, the murmurs, bhadangs, bhajke pohes and thin pohes required for various types of Chivadas on Diwali are 10-15 per cent cheaper than last year. Also, sugar and jaggery prices are stable compared to last year. Due to the reduced rates, the joy of Diwali Farala will be doubled. It was doubtful whether consumers would go out for Diwali shopping due to the outbreak of the corona virus. However, the number of customers shopping in the market yard has increased over the last five to six days, traders said.

Due to the lockdown, the festivals and celebrations of the last seven months could not be celebrated by the citizens. But there is excitement in the minds of the citizens about Diwali. Also, as it is unlocked, consumers are buying farala items with security in mind. That is why the Bhusar section of the market yard is crowded with customers from 10 am to 6 pm. The commotion will continue for another week. As Diwali approaches, the number of customers will also increase, said Sumit Gundecha.

Corona has not increased jaggery prices this year. Also, rates have remained stable as demand has not increased. However, now the demand for jaggery has also increased due to Diwali, said trader Jawaharlal Bothra. Trader Ishwar Nahar said sugar prices were also stable compared to last year.
Wholesale market prices of farala goods
Item 2019 2020
Pohe 3800 to 3900 3200 to 3600
Thin Pohe 4300 to 4500 4000 to 4300
Bhajke Pohe (12 kg) 560 to 590 480 to 520
Bhadang (9 kg) 800 to 950 650 to 825
Sugar 3350 to 3400 3350 to 3400
Jaggery 3350 to 4000 3350 to 4000
Besan, bhajki dal became more expensive
Chana prices have gone up. As a result, prices of bhajki dal and besan have gone up. Last year, the price of 40 kg of bhajakya pulses was Rs 2,850 to Rs 3,200. This year it is 3300 to 3750. Last year, the price of 50 kg of gram was Rs 3,200 to Rs 3,500. This year it is 3700 to 4100. With the exception of gram flour and bhajki dal, prices of other farala items have come down. Trader Jitendra Nahar said prices of some items were stable.
Photo: Crowd of customers in front of the shop for Diwali shopping in the market yard.

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