Pravin Doke
08 Nov, 3:44 PM

Market Yard: 50 tons of onion arrived in the market on Thursday (5th) on the cheek of Rajshekhar Patil. Of this, 25 tonnes have been sold and the remaining 25 tonnes are still available for sale. The central government has adopted a policy of importing onions from abroad to control the rising prices of onions.

Afghan onions arrived at the market yard. Also, between November 16 and 20, about 1600 containers of onions from different countries will land at the port of Mumbai. Therefore, onion prices are likely to fall further. But hoteliers and housewives have turned their backs on buying onions due to their low pungency and lack of flavorful gravy. The onions have been bought by traders in Hyderabad and more goods are available for sale in the market, said Rajshekhar Patil, an onion trader at Market Yard.

Meanwhile, 100 to 125 bags of new onions arrived in the market on Sunday. New onions are fetching Rs 10 to Rs 40 per kg in the wholesale market. Old onions cost between Rs 20 and Rs 55 per kg. About 30 trucks of old onions arrived at the market on Sunday. Afghan onion is fetching Rs 35 per kg. Given the current situation, onion prices are expected to rise in the next two months, Patil said. Onion prices have come down after the developments in the Nashik market. Its blow has hit Afghanistan's onion sales. Indian onion is available at the same price as in Afghanistan. So it seems that citizens have avoided buying Afghan onions.

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