Mithilesh Rokade
08 Nov, 5:10 PM
Localites of Wadgoan are worried, because they will be going to miss something important this year !

According to the localites of Wadgoan budruk, these Four Temples - Bhairav Mandir, Maruti Mandir, Panduranga Mandir and Saibaba Mandir are locked since the pandemic touched the gates of this area. Due to COVID-19 , people here are strictly prohibited to unlock these temples. 
Localites also say that, they are going to miss many moments in Diwali, where these locals celebrate Diwali in these Temples with lots of ritual events and some social programs that are been organized every year. Adding more they said, this time there will be no fancy lights seen and chants heard in the premises of the temple. 

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