Jitendra Maid
09 Nov, 7:51 AM
Great response to e-waste and plastic collection campaign

Kothrud: The e-waste and plastic collection campaign implemented by Kirloskar Cummins India Limited, Janwani and Municipal Health Department received a huge response.

5 large and 4 LED TVs, 8 laptops, two, three printers, 500 kg plastic, 200 kg wire, old radio, 300 kg old clothes, 180 kg sound and other 300 kg batteries, chargers at eleven collection centers in Ward 12 in Kothrud. A total of 2,627 kg e-waste and plastic was collected. Vaijnath Gaikwad informed that the useful material collected in this initiative is given to the needy people free of cost and the useless material is sent for recycling.

Municipal Assistant Commissioner Sandeep Kadam, Senior Health Inspector Ram Sonawane, Health Inspectors Sachin Lohkare, Pramod Chavan, Rupali Shendge, Mokadam Vaijnath Gaikwad, Anna Dhaware, Laxman Sonawane, Sanjay Kamble and Janwani's Sameer Ajgekar, Jayshree Patil, Nita Naik, Jagannath Dhage, Datta Bhise, Surekha Hingde, Gaurishankar Bansode, Amol Jagtap, Uma Borade, Madhukar Bhagat, Nitin Kamble worked hard for this.

The collected items will be given free to the needy

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