Sunil Shewre
09 Nov, 6:43 PM
Marketyard, Gultekdi traffic jammed

Traffic congestion increased in Shankarsheth Road, Marketyard, Nehru Road in the suburbs

Maharshinagar: A large number of people are going out for shopping in the midst of Diwali.
Public transport has slowed down further due to flyover work on Nehru Road, while illegal rickshaw pullers are parked on the road in Marketyard, Swargate area. The possibility of a serious accident cannot be ruled out.
Ordinary citizens are waiting for action on vehicles violating the rules. There is a demand for the traffic police to take notice of this and take action. The traffic police should control this.

Asked about this, Swargate Traffic Senior Police Inspector Atul Kumar Navgire said, "We will take care that public transport will not be disturbed on the backdrop of Diwali." The action is ongoing. Appropriate action will be taken to break the deadlock.

When to take action against illegal parking lots?

On the way from Giridhar Bhavan Chowk to Kirad Chowk, one can see queues of vehicles outside Vijay Dhanya Bhandar on the right side.
Premises outside the Golden Bakery in Salisbury Park.

(Photo line - Giridhar Bhavan Chowk: Vehicles have been installed in such a way as to obstruct public transport.)

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