Mithilesh Rokade
09 Nov, 9:29 PM
Nearly 30 % of teenagers and young adults, residing in Dhayari Area are turning their side from education to business.

Education to Business has been opted by many youngsters these days.

Since the pandemic ruled people more than 6 months, major effect was seen on teenagers.
Why teenagers? The daily academics and curriculum activities practiced in schools were stopped, eventually schools and colleges were shut down due to COVID-19.

Viraj Deshmukh, a 20 yr old who is a BCS  student, says, 
“I felt less productive sitting at home. Because of no productivity that we exercised every year, with assistance of my friend Abhishek, I started my own momos corner near Suncity. 
I always wanted to support my family financially, so I took this risk to learn something new. It's been a month that I started 'Momolicious' and I got to experience many things, I got a chance to understand the market in food industry.”
Viraj gives away all his remaining to beggars and hungry people who sleep on the streets.




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