Samiksha Mundada
10 Nov, 12:15 AM

“I moved to Pune at the age of 11 years due to the Solapur Famine. Got married at an early age and adhered to labour work to earn wages. I worked all my life to raise my children. I have two daughters who are married. My son, 30, expired last month in an attempt to resolve fights. My husband is an alcoholic and I’m unaware of his whereabouts. I wash at various places and sweep here at Hirabaug and make a living. I am 60 years old, wearing a knee cap and working hard every day.“ says Shalan Prakash Thete who is presently living life with a smile on her face and hope in heart.

Tags: Pune, Peth, People, Hirabaug, Shukrawar Peth
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