Karina Rupani
10 Nov, 10:42 AM
National Defense Academy In Pune Is The First Tri-Service Academy In The World

The National Defence Academy (NDA), found in Khadakwasla Pune, is the first tri-service academy in the world. In this joint services academy of the Indian Armed Forces, cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force train together before they pass out and head towards their respective service academy for further pre-commission training.

The NDA has museums that are exquisitely filled and showcased with medals and accolades from post-independence along with the ones awarded to the passed out cadets. Other than the accolades, the museums have a display of small-to-huge gun carrying equipment back from the historical events. The walls of the museum are dedicated to the early builders and first leaders with brief enlightenment of their notable contribution. The Habibbullah Hall, an auditorium, is where the training process and the working of the academy are made known through a short documentary. The cadet mess, extremely polished and hygienic, known as one of the biggest mess in Asia, serves ten to twelve courses of meal. The academy also comprises of ample space for extra-curricular activities.

On 30 November 2019, the passing-out parade of the 137th course of the Academy was held with 284 cadets graduating where Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was the chief guest for the occasion.

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