Sheetal Barge
10 Nov, 2:19 PM
Demand for non-cleaning and repair in Ward No. 9

Balewadi: In Baner, Balewadi, Pashan, Sutarwadi areas, many canals have become muddy due to rains. Also, many canals have deteriorated, the walls of the canals have collapsed, garbage is stuck in the canals. This has created a huge stench in the area and the citizens are demanding immediate action as the number of mosquitoes has increased.
Many coins from Baner, Balewadi, Pashan, Sutarwadi in Ward No. 9 are in bad condition. Many canals were cleaned before the monsoon, but the removed grass was dumped on the side of the canals, so along with the rain water, the grass and the surrounding waste got stuck in the canal again. As a result, the water of the canal is still in one place and the stench has spread in the area. Moreover, the cement domes in the canals are in a state of rupture in many places. In some places, there are piles of garbage in the canals. As a result, a stench has spread in the area, which has led to an increase in the incidence of mosquitoes due to the stench as well as the stagnant water. Therefore, many citizens of the area have lodged a written complaint with the corporator Jyoti Kalamkar in this area and on her behalf they have given a statement to Superintendent Engineer in charge of Sewerage Susmita Shirke.

Corporator Jyoti Kalamkar: - A statement has been submitted to the Sewerage Department for repairing and cleaning the canal and they have promised to clean and repair the canal as soon as possible. Aniket Murkute, Baner: - For the last two years, Shiv Shakti Complex, Baner
The wall of the canal on the side of this building is completely eroded and the big trees here can fall down at any time and cause a big accident. Complaints have been made to the municipality in this regard. There was also a follow-up from the morning. However, the work of repairing the canal has not been completed yet. However, this work should be done immediately.

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