Karina Rupani
10 Nov, 9:26 PM
This Diwali Gift Artistic; Resin Artist In Your Locale

There is an art trend that’s sweeping the internets these days and it’s called resin art. Resin art is a fairly new trend in the art world today.

City-based resin artist, Ruchita Amnaji works to create resin artworks and furniture. She also hosts workshops, where she teaches aspiring resin artists and amateurs how to create their own resin artworks, and excel at it.

“Art has always been a part of me from the beginning. I had practiced different forms of art such as sketching, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and charcoal paintings which I soon had to drop due to academics. However, I still had my eye on resin. I began with watching videos to joining a workshop to gifting a few of my work to friends and family. It was so well praised and taken that I got a push to upgrade my skills with another advanced workshop in February 2020. As an outcome, my passion and art got a chance and I started a full-fledged business of creating and teaching,” she says.

She currently has Diwali offers on trays tea coasters and wall clocks other than any customisation required by the clients. Also, discount of ₹700 on the registration of workshops to learn resin art is available to avail.

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