Jitendra Maid
11 Nov, 1:39 PM

Kothrud: The Balwantpuram Empire Society has published a Diwali issue showing that no one will be able to close the doors of our minds by exposing our activism while Corona has locked down the whole world. That is why the word 'cultural capital' of Pune really looks good for Kothrud.

Samrajya etc. Issue Diwali 2020 has various sections like Aasmant, Aikaye Gosti, Samjyawar on a different path, also stories, stories, poems, children's section. This Diwali issue is decorated with the contribution of more than seventy members of the society.

Another feature of this Diwali issue is the audio recording of the stories of Vaishali Nagarkar and Nitin Kulkarni. Ujwala Wagh talks to Sania Kirloskar about her experience of teaching in remote areas of Manipur. Smita Bijapur, Bhagyajyoti Udgiri, Madhavi Kulkarni's Diwali Rangoli, Manorama Parandekar's Memorable Kisses, Jayant Erande's Experience in Dissemination of Science, Mukund Palsapure's World of Colors, Gargi Gujar's Interview This issue of Nisha Kirloskar's Chimanyanno, Padmini Khandekar's dog or not, Neelam Karle's bee vine has become readable and introductory.

This issue has been edited by Subhash Naik. Anjali belongs to Markale, Amrita belongs to Kshirsagar. Kaustubh Satpute's rich cover attracts attention.

Welcome to the Empire is the Seema Peshwa's poem that tells everything about this society.

Near Powder Road of Kothrud

Mhatoba took the hill to Urashi,

Pethkars built the city

This verse offers everything

Welcome to the Empire

Discovery of all arts, Jallosh Kari Sakar

Small nobles and servants

Singing, drama or dance

Appreciates the gross empire

During the Kalyani Kulkarni-Corona period, groceries, medicines, vegetables, even flour were provided at home. Along with the children's studies, office work also started at home. All the festivals from Dahihandi to Holi have become a tradition to be celebrated together in the kingdom. Corona came up with the idea of launching a digital Diwali issue as Diwali should not be missed during the period and everyone responded spontaneously to the initiative.


The cover of the Empire Diwali issue

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