Mithilesh Rokade
12 Nov, 12:09 AM
This Diwali, let's help the local vendors who are all set to fulfill our basic needs for Diwali festivalew

My name is Gaikwad, I'm a local vegetable vendor and I sit in Wadgaon Market.
After the pandemic was loosing its hold on us, I decided to sell festival products this Diwali and for that I started contacting the resources and retailers in Pune city. When I was successful in cracking a profitable deal for the festival products, I decided to collect my material at 10:00 pm that night. Why 10:00 pm? It's dangerous to step outside in day time because of coronavirus and the chaos created by people when shopping in day time is more dangerous than anything.
Since we have arranged the products on our stall, sometimes I have to sleep near our stall at night. We arrange a Tempo and sleep inside it at night, why? It's hard for us to move our products up and down from our home to this market, there're more chances of damaging the products. Sometimes it's okay to sacrifice your comfort when you have to do business. 





Tags: Vocalforlocal ,Business
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