Karina Rupani
12 Nov, 9:04 PM
With More Than 200 Timber Dealers, Timber Market Emerges As The Richest Market In The City

Bhavani Peth is an old locality, previously known as a segment of traditional handloom centers of Pune. Advancing from its identity of being the city’s largest slum settlement as of 1990, Bhavani Peth today, is gaining ground as the biggest prominent center of the timber trade.

For the sales of limitless varieties of readymade goods like doors, window frames and sills, rocking chairs, musical instruments, cabinets, to name a few, timber exists as a dependent business necessity. Materials like plywood, mica, tiles, glass, ceramics, teak wood, blackboards, waterproof plywood, dark wood, veneers are all available here.

“Our company was founded 25 years ago and this seems just the right place to conduct our business operations. We supply timber, plywood, laminates all over the city, as well as, Ahmednagar, Satara, Kolhapur. The varieties that you will find in Timber Market will entice you to go with more than what you came for,” says one of the owners of the showrooms.

Nearly all dealers in Timber Market own their private saw mills in the same area other than their operating shops that makes revenue substantially high enough to be called as the richest market of Pune. More than 200 timber or plywood dealers are found located in timber market.

If your furniture has exhausted its time or if you need to re-decorate your house, timber market is the place to turn to for ideas and wide range of varieties!  

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