Aditi Kumari
12 Nov, 9:29 PM
Are you keen on watching shows & movies very often? Your daily streaming recommendations are sorted with @ankitasays.

A 20 year old student and a YouTuber- Ankita Sarkar has a youtube channel "AnkitaSays" where she reviews newly released shows & movies from OOTD. Talking to 3KM Ankita shared her story.

"Watching TV shows have been my hobby since I was 5 years old, every child loves to watch TV.  During the lockdown, I realised that most of the OOTD like- Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, even SonyLIV has a paid subscription now this gave me an idea to start a Youtube channel AnkitaSays where I started reviewing different sorts of movies and television series.

I have lost count for all the reviews which I have done till date. The idea behind becoming a show reviewer came as OTT platforms raised to a whole new level in this pandemic and Amazon, Netflix is earning the most revenue in this economic crisis. It is fun reviewing the latest movies and series that just came out. Nothing can match the feeling when people ask you for your opinion on a certain show or a movie before watching it.

I share my work with my Facebook & Instagram family. It’s not huge but still, I have some 470 subscribers and little audience who await my reviews before watching any show or movie. Now that's something which excites me and keeps motivating me to improve on my content creation. OTT Platform is a game-changer which has bought an exciting chapter in my life." 

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