Mithilesh Rokade
13 Nov, 12:21 AM
Good news ! Textile industry has a gem product for women for this year's Diwali

Did you know there's a village called Ilkal , which is in Karnataka?
Ilkal is famous for their sarees.
The saree woven from this part of Karnataka got its name by the name of village.
My name is Radha Sabale and two years prior I started Rama collection , where I sell and deliver Ilkal (Irkal) sarees and Dharwadi khun (khan) saree. 
It's been 2 years since we started this business and the idea that I worked on gave me the flying colors. When I started this chain, I placed my business online on Amazon and I got the greatest response of all time from that social platform, not a single saree delivered by me was returned or was faulty. The customer who knows me and Raama collection are one who genuinely appreciate my clothing products whenever we meet.

I always followed the quality, and quality of my selling lies in the purity which comes from the culture of Irkal and Dharwadi khan.
Dharwadi khan is a hand loom saree and this saree is in demand more than any other type of saree. 
Sarees like these have 78 % of cotton and 22% silk which gives us such a soft and rare touch that any other type of Saree has won't have. 
Coming to the technical side, there are polyester mix and silk mix sarees in such types. But due to the rules and regulations of Amazon, I totally avoid selling sarees which are polyester mix.
But personally I'm more into selling the pure silk version of it and I highly recommend youngsters to buy such sarees for festivals.

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