Mithilesh Rokade
13 Nov, 8:17 PM
“We need more young Electrical engineers to start working on field", says Mr. Sharad Kulkarni.

My name is Sharad Kulkarni. I have been involved into repairing electrical transformers since 1992.

In 2011, I registered my firm officially, naming it as Arya Transcare Electrical Company. I still remember, when I was working on a project in Ichalkaranji , we travelled by boats in monsoon to reach out remote areas. 
In pandemic, during lock down we repaired and fixed 20+ transformers in Pune, and we worked closely with MSEB Pune.
I work under 4 divisions of Pune, and Parvati, Padmavati, Kothrud are the areas where I operate the most. I mainly focus on decreasing the rate of Transformer failures and if some day there's a failure problem in Pune city, Me and My team operates and finish the whole task in less than 24 hours.
Now we are working on plan outs with the Regional Directors for Work and Development of Electricity.




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