Jitendra Maid
17 Nov, 12:17 PM
Diwali goodies to those living on the streets on behalf of Leo Club

Kothrud, 15th: Diwali goodies also known as Faral was distributed to the citizens who do not have a home and live on the streets, especially children and women. It was distributed to the needy in Kothrud, Karve Statue Chowk, Erandwane, Maharana Pratap Udyan etc. Under the guidance of Lion Chandrahas Shetty, Shama Goyal, Jay Mad, Yash Khandagale, Shantanu Goyal, Yash Mad, Karan Patil, Suraj Bangad, Ashish Pemraju, Shiva Fulari and other youths participated in this initiative. Lion Yash Pandit, Satish Rajhans, Datta Shrihanre etc also accompanied.

Karan Patil, the Leo, said that the fact that his brother was eating sweets while he was hungry did not allow him to calm down. It was at this point that our Leo Club President Jay Mad suggested this initiative. Everyone responded positively to him.

Lion Shama Goyal said the corona brought many families to the streets. After eight months, we carried out this project with the feeling that at least Diwali should be sweet. He had the support of many.

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