Samiksha Mundada
17 Nov, 7:28 PM
Did you know that the land on which Sarasbaug is built was once a fresh water lake? Intriguing, right? Let’s find out more.

Deemed as the favorite place for most of the Pune people, Sarasbaug is an important landmark that features a temple, and lake amidst manicured gardens. Its longstanding popularity is all because of the Ganesha temple in the park - Talyatla Ganpati which was built in 1750 by Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa and Mahadji Shinde. Earlier, the temple was used by the Marathas to plan strategies against the Nizam and the British Empire in the 18th & 19th century as it was situated away from the Parvati Temple. Peshwa commander and associated used to visit the Saras Baug by boat for private discussions. Today, various devotees visit the temple.

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