Karina Rupani
17 Nov, 11:53 PM
For Light Refreshments After An Exhausting Shopping Spree, Navrang Coldrink Stall Is The Spot For You

For the past 62 years, Navrang Coldrink Stall is operating its business in Raviwar Peth, selling more than twenty items of cold drinks and mastani.

“Our great-grandfather made recipes and sold cold drinks in Nagar and our grandfather used to put up a fruit stall right here, in Raviwar Peth. However, the authentic taste of our great-grandfather’s cold drink is something we couldn’t let go of and so, we continued the Nagar business here, in Raviwar Peth, Pune,” shares the owner.

Navrang Coldrink Stall sells more than 150 glasses per day, their specialty being Mix Mastani and Faluda. Their menu includes varieties of cold drinks, faluda, mastani, scoop ice cream, to name a few.

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