Samiksha Mundada
18 Nov, 11:42 AM
Shani Maruti Mandir

Shani Maruti Mandir in Sadashiv Peth in Pune and is one of the top temples around.

It is one of the oldest Mandir situated in the heart of Pune city.
Being a historic Mandir, it is situated in densely populated area.
This is a temple of lord Maruti and lord Shani.
Temple have ancient history it is more than 200 years old. Name of this area is also derived from this temple "Shanipar" .
The trustees and the members of the committee of the temple are very enthusiastic about the festivals , especially Hanuman jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm . Sweet prasad is distributed on special days or on festivals . This place is very crowded on Saturdays , so avoid a visit on Saturday .  It is situated on a very narrow street and parking is not available for four wheelers , but a two wheeler can be parked on the street. 

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