Karina Rupani
19 Nov, 1:01 AM
Finest Bespoke Jewelry Inspired By Nature – ITYAADI By Janhavi

Janhavi, a 19 y/o student, who creates art and thinks jewelry is in fact, her favorite art has given way to her purpose and ideas through her new initiative called ITYAADI.

“I was always inclined towards art and the idea of reusing and recycling things was always exciting to me. So I thought about making the best I could with the nature around me and that's how I started making resin jewelry with real dried flowers and leaves and healing crystal jewelry. Isn't it just amazing that you could preserve nature for eternity into a small piece of pendant?! And that's how i came up with ITYAADI which means "etc" keeping a wide range of handmade jewelry collection”, she shared.

ITYAADI has myriad of varieties in crystal and stone jewelry which contains stones and crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, opalite, obsidian and many more, other than resin accessories which contain pendants earrings and key-chains.

Price Range: Rs. 250 – 650/- 

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