Mithilesh Rokade
19 Nov, 5:06 PM
Crossbar can be seen in the radius of 1 km. But what is Crossbar?

My name is Sagar Panhalkar.
My friends and I were football fans and every weekend we used to go at Hotfut to play on the soccer turf. Playing all along, I got an idea to build my own turf, a turf which can be used as a Multi Sports Arena.
I worked on the idea, planned according and scored a goal in the arena of my sports business in less than one month. It's been a month that we just started and I got a huge response which I never expected. My crowd has retired players of Deccan club and Parshuramians , Staff of Navale hospital and Deenanath Hospital, some professional players of various clubs and many college students who get encouraged to play when they see their favorite Team winning ; these groups book my turf every month. 
What I'm going to include? 
Yoga sessions , Cricket and A small snacks center and café inside the ambience of Crossbar for my customers.




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