Mithilesh Rokade
20 Nov, 12:29 AM
From an accident to selling fish : A journey.

My name is Shivaji Jogade.
I was working in the press till 2017 until I met with a major accident.
After that I started working in the Hotel line and did many other jobs to fulfill the needs of my family. 
Gradually I placed my vegetable stall in Dhayari Market, but faced a major loss in the lock down during pandemic.
After trying hard to settle down all my financial problems, I decided to sell fish and crabs which has good demand in Pune city and for me, it was easy to catch fish and crabs because I live in Velhe where there is fresh water.
I am already aware that crabs found in fresh water are the best and are always in demand. 
So here I am now, selling crabs day and night. My friend Yogesh helps me out by bringing those crabs in baskets and delivering those baskets by Rickshaw. I'm looking ahead to turn this into a full-time business. 
You all are welcomed to my fish center which will be opening soon.





Tags: ,Business,People
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