Mithilesh Rokade
20 Nov, 1:01 AM
Arohi Collection came on roads to sell their clothing items.

My name is Mayur Rathod 
I was a driver in a well known company.
2 years back I left that job and started Arohi Collection, a shop where I sell men and women clothing. At the same time, we also started Mousami collection with the same products and our working style for both the shops is also the same. 
When the pandemic started, we faced a major drop in our business and there was no sale in that particular period.

Till December 2019 we had great sale. However, with this pandemic all went down in vain.
To tackle this situation, we decided to sell our clothing items on the roadside.
After making strategies and plans according to it, we started selling T-shirts in the car. We went from place to place selling our items and we are still on the move.


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