Mithilesh Rokade
20 Nov, 11:55 PM
An excuse of having Asthma and IPC 353 : Relentless Traffic Division .

During the day time when the traffic police of Sinhagad road is in action to serve their duty, people who are stopped for breaking laws are in the mood to quarrel with the police. 
People are stopped for breaking laws such as riding bike without helmet, triple seat, no proper and legal documents, without mask(Covid-19) etc.
Major cases of without mask were recorded during the pandemic and also after lockdown , whereas, riding bike without helmet stands on the second rank of recorded cases.
PSI Kolpe adds, 
“People misbehave with us all time by giving false reasons such as they have Asthma or any other chronic disease dealing with breathing issues, it happens when we charge them a challan for either riding without helmet or without mask. They misbehave and use abusive language, sometimes they try to teach us law that we already know. 
But it's our duty for all round safety of the public, but yes if they cross their limits by being more abusive, they will be booked for the crime under IPC 353.
We are trying our best to explain them by using soft words. “


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