Samiksha Mundada
21 Nov, 12:08 AM
Pet Sitters

 -“Back in the days, pet sitters was not even a profession but it was something I wanted to do and it turned out great.” 
Shalaka Mundada, after working in a bank and then in an IT firm, says, “I wanted to get out of it. I had to figure out what I wanted to do and that’s when I started spending a lot of time at a veterinary clinic because my dog was sick.” 
And that is when Shalaka knew this was her calling. Pet Sitters is 12 years old and with each new day, there’s a new challenge on the way. “When I started, I first figured out what I did not want to do with my place. It is important for your customers to feel safe and trust you because they are leaving their child with you.” 
Shalaka, along with the boarding, also does pre-pet counselling for families who want to get a dog, you can even spend a day at her centre. 
Post-Covid there is a way of handling certain things. Lockdown has been tough on everyone and it has been so on pet owners as well.
“We generally don’t take walk ins. Certain breeds are difficult to manage and it’s always better to have a heads-up. A lot of people abandon their pets which affects the behavioural patterns”, says Shalaka. 
Pet Sitters focuses on creating a healthy and friendly lifestyle for pets.
They try to keep the routine simple and focus on tiring the dogs mentally and physically. The open space and natural habitat keeps the pets happy and give a homely feel. 
Pet Sitters is located at Maan village, 4 kms away from the Hinjewadi IT Park- Phase I, Pune. 
You can get in touch with Shalaka Mundada on 9881076677 to know more about the facilities and service.

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