Mithilesh Rokade
21 Nov, 12:45 AM
Carpentry to selling Apples : A story

People call me 'Nikhilwala', why? 
I sell fruits and vegetables and the name of my stall is 'Nikhil Fruits'. 
My name is Ajay Kunchpor.
A year back, I was a carpenter in a company, but I lost the job of carpentry after the lockdown. It was hard for me to sustain the pain of not earning money because it was hard to provide the necessities to my family. After taking few suggestions I started selling fruits at DSK Vishwa and for that I travelled from Kirkatwadi to Mandai every morning at 3 AM, just to get the fresh items.
I started selling Amla, Bananas and something special, that was Australian Butter Pears. 
But I caught the maximum attention of my customers when I sold the fresh Apples, which are juicy and delicious, people often ask me who is my supplier for Apples.

My location — Near Ganpati Temple, DSK Vishwa
What's special in my fruit basket - 
Apples for ₹160 / kg


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