Jitendra Maid
21 Nov, 1:04 PM
Citizens in Karvenagar suffer from disrupted telephone service

Kothrud: Shahu Colony Street No. in Karvenagar. As work on drainage lines is underway in areas 1 to 11, traffic as well as telephone services have been disrupted.

And living in Shahu Colony. Shivaji Bhoite said that we have senior citizens using telephones. They don't like using smart phones very much. The seniors are having a hard time as the telephone is off during the Ain festival. The telephone is the most important medium of communication for them. Medicines, vegetables, food orders, communication with relatives and friends are done over the phone.

Arvind Dighe (Senior Citizen, Shahu Colony) - Our phone was off before Diwali. The phone turned on two days ago. But the sound is getting thinner. If you call someone else, he will not hear. If you get a call, the sound gets thinner. The boy said he would be fine in two days when he complained. But it is still the same experience.

Vijay Khaldakar: The work of drainage channel here is progressing at a slow pace. Work immediately and provide proper facilities to the citizens.

BSNL's Mandal Deputy Engineer Niranjan Kulkarni said that when one system works, they are expected to take care that other systems are not damaged. But that doesn't seem to be happening here. The work of drainage line has been started slowly since November 7 by breaking the wire. We are working to find and connect these cables. Municipal contractors should take proper care that telephones, power lines etc. are not damaged while working.

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