Aditi Kumari
23 Nov, 1:15 PM
The Infamous Cuisine Of Pune.

Martand Misal is a small outlet, in the congested lane of Shukrawar Peth, serving a flavorful variety of misal. 

The highlight of their menu is their Martand Special Cheese Misal. The giant meal comes with multiple small bowls, a small serving bucket which carries sample, a glass of tak (buttermilk) and a pair of pav. The bowls include an extra serving of matki, a piece of gulab jamun, crunchy boondi, chopped onions and curd. The misal here is a blend of aloo ki sabzi, chhole, matki and crunchy farsan garnished with loads of grated Margarita cheese. Big enough to satiate the hunger of two, this misal is priced at just Rs 105.

Their menu card includes a variety of other misals as well including Martand Misal, Martand Amul Butter Misal, Martand Dahi Misal, Martand Kaju Special Misal and many more. So stop drooling on your phone and head to Martand Misal NOW!

Location:- Martand Misal, Shukrawar Peth, Pune.

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