Pravin Doke
23 Nov, 7:11 PM
Nagpur's famous oranges are now available in the market

Market Yard: The orange season has started at the fruit market in Nagpur. Orange production is high this year due to good rains. At present, a box of 8 to 10 dozen oranges costs Rs 700 to Rs 800, 11 to 12 dozen boxes cost Rs 600, 14 dozen boxes cost Rs 500, 200 to 250 nos. 450.

About 8 to 10 tons of oranges are arriving in the fruit market from Nagpur area every day. Oranges are coming from Nagpur, Paratwada, Anjangaon, Achalpur, Warud, Chikhli, Amravati. Arvind More, a trader in Market Yard, said that the prices have gone up due to the increase in the arrival of oranges. This year, the rainy season has started on time. Due to good rains, the yield of oranges has increased by about 10 per cent over the previous year.

"Initially, only four to five tonnes of oranges were arriving in the market. At the beginning of the season the orange taste was sour sweet. Now the season is in full swing and the oranges entering the market are sweet in taste and good in size and quality. Therefore, oranges are in great demand from domestic consumers as well as juice vendors in the state. The orange season starts in November and ends by the end of January, More said.

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