Pravin Doke
23 Nov, 7:39 PM
Egyptian onion arrives in Pune

Market Yard: For the past few days
Onion prices continue to fluctuate. Onions from Egypt and Iran arrived at the Gultekdi Market Yard in Pune on Saturday. Before Diwali, Afghan onions were in the market.

13 tons of onions from Iran and Egypt arrived at the market yard. One kg of onion from Egypt fetched Rs 350 to Rs 375 per 10 kg in the wholesale market on Sunday. Iranian onions are medium in size. He has mods. Although Indian onions have a taste, Egyptian onions do not have much demand, traders said. In comparison, old onions from the local area are preferred and are priced at Rs 300 to Rs 500 per 10 kg.

There is no demand for this from the local hoteliers in Pune. There are also sparse purchases from retailers. Also, traders from the south have bought up to 1 tonne of this onion. Therefore, there is not much demand for Egyptian onions from consumers, said trader Rajshekhar Patil.

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