Jitendra Maid
24 Nov, 2:40 PM
Celebrating Birthday by accepting gifts of problems!

Kothrud, 23rd: A birthday was celebrated in Kothrud, which proved what Pune is lacking there. The 50th birth anniversary of Sachin Dhankude of the Change India movement was celebrated by appealing to the people not to take bouquets or gifts.There have been rising number of pigs, stray dogs, encroachment on sidewalks and canals, unavailability of food grains or rations, frequent power outages, waste disposal problems, lack of hygiene in public toilets, night power outages at ST stops. Ganesh Warpe, Ashok Shelar, Yogesh Mokate, Ramesh Uve, Sandeep Kumbre, Sadip Jadhav, Jeevan Kumbre etc. were present on this occasion.
Dhankude said that it is important in a democracy for everyone to be able to express their concerns freely. But no one dares to do so because of various kinds of fear. On the occasion of his birthday, he has prepared a list of more than fifty issues and will submit a statement to the concerned departments to solve them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This activity makes people talk.
Corporator Alpana Warpe said, "We are planning the development work keeping in view the expectations of the citizens and the demands of the problems." Citizens should take up the issue and come forward.
Sanctioned committee member Vaibhav Murkute said the strong opposition is the soul of democracy. If they have control, the quality of work increases. So the initiative taken by people to talk about problems is commendable.
Why not reject the graduate election, the graduate election was without symbols. Many other issues were discussed on the occasion, including why other election signs are not missing, why there are no details showing the contractor and cost details at the construction site of the Metro, what to do to open the eyes of the Encroachment and Sky Sign Licensing Department, Kothrud Mandai. The problem of pigs has increased in urban areas in Kothrud. Despite the corporation hiring a private contractor, the pig business is booming. Therefore, it was announced that the person who catches the most pigs will be given a prize of five thousand rupees.

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