Pravin Doke
24 Nov, 8:29 PM
In times of crisis, only human beings can run to the aid of human beings.

Pune, 24th: This is for the protection of humanity.
It is the best practice of religion. Donors helped the needy during the global epidemic, which gave new hope to many to live. Poo Pravinrishiji M.S. did such work.

During the Corona epidemic, dignitaries from various walks of life were honored with the Covid Yodha Award on behalf of the Yugal Dharma Sangh. The event took place at the Jain station at Wadgaon Sheri. Many people were stranded during the lockdown. They needed help. Many people came forward through different organizations in that critical situation. He served the people regardless of his life. He also inspires others to do social work through such award programs. This matter is important in this felicitation ceremony, said Vijay Bhandari, President of Yugal Dharma Sangh.

Entrepreneurs Prakash Dhariwal, Shantilal Mutha, Achal Jain, Manoj Chhajed, Lalit Jain, Rajendra Mutha, Satish Surana, Pramod Dugad, Amit Lunkad, Rajendra Jain, Praveen Chorbele, Rajendra Bathia, Bala Oswal, Dr. Mahendra Kavedia, Dr. Ashok Sancheti, Dr. Mangilal Oswal, Narendra Chhajed, Hitesh Shah, Hemant Raisoni, Aadesh Khinvasara, Lalit Gundecha, Ganpat Mehta, Satish Shah, Balasaheb Dhoka, Dilip Kataria, Pukhraj Hiran, Gautam Chhajed, Manisha Chhajed, Dr. Vijay Sethia, Mangesh Kataria, Ramesh Rathod, Rahul Daglia, Geeta Bothra, Nitin Jain, Gautam Chhajed were honored with the Corona Warrior Award. At this time, Vijay Bhandari informed about the work done by the awardees during the Corona epidemic.

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