Samiksha Mundada
25 Nov, 6:30 AM
Shinde Chhatri – A Maratha’s Memorial

Shinde Chhatri stands as an ode to the grandiosity of the Maratha empire and its leader Shri Mahadji Shinde who was the commander-in-chief of the Peshwas. This building was initially a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Upon the passing of Mahadji Shinde the work stopped, which was finally completed in 1965 by Madhavrao Scindia. Chhatri literally means umbrella and in this case, the significance of a shelter for the ashes of the commander. The central hall is where the leader was cremated. The inner galleries have paintings that depict his life and valour. The structure looks resplendent in hues of gold, green and brown and consists of floral carvings, glass panels, pillars, and colourful facades, lit up by humongous chandeliers. The intricate carvings on the walls and the magnificent iron gate are a delight and take you back to the bygone era. Its building is a spectacular amalgamation of Anglo-Rajasthani architecture.

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