Noyonika Puram
25 Nov, 5:03 PM
Lakaki Lake

In a quaint corner among the busy lanes of Model Colony, Lakaki lake is an iconic natural retreat hidden among the concrete jungle of the area. Surrounded by nature, evenings by the lakeside can be truly serene and peaceful.

The 130-year-old lake was first created when stone from the quarry underneath it was used to build some of the oldest buildings in the area. Fed by underground aquifers, it contains water throughout the year. Over the years, it has come to be known for the unique ecosystem it fosters including fish, aquatic life, and a variety of birds that visit the lake – both migratory and native – especially the ducks native to the lake that are present year-round. 
With a C-shaped track and benches surrounding it, there are a variety of activities that one can take part in at this spot. From taking walks, jogging and birdwatching to reading or simply enjoying the beautiful view, Lakaki lake is the ideal spot for a peaceful getaway located conveniently in the middle of the hectic city.


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