Pravin Doke
25 Nov, 6:22 PM
Re-encroachment on Shivneri Road; Forget the administration action

Market Yard, 25th: Before Diwali, the market committee, police administration and municipal encroachment department had carried out a joint encroachment action on Shivneri road in the market yard. But after the action, the vendors are encroaching on this road again. Shivneri road is getting choked day by day due to traffic congestion and increasing encroachment. Therefore, the traders say that this action is only temporary.

A few days after the action on this road, tapariwale, handcart, vegetable and fruit sellers have encroached on this road again. Therefore, the Shivneri road is once again blocked by encroachment on both sides. Therefore, there is a huge traffic jam on this road in the morning. It was decided to take repeated action in the joint meeting to remove the encroachment. But the discussion in this meeting is limited to this meeting only. The first two days were a big one. The action was later avoided on the grounds of Diwali. After the end of Diwali, the administration forgot about the action and encroachment on this road has increased again.

There is Shivneri Road from Signal to Post Office on Satara Road. The road leading to the market yard is the most important. Most of the agricultural vehicles coming from outside the village come to the market through this road. On the one hand, more vehicles than capacity are running on this road. On the other hand, encroachment on both sides of the road has increased. Therefore, it is having a direct impact on those entering the market.

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