Mithilesh Rokade
26 Nov, 12:50 AM
The story of 'Waghmare Aji'

In Marathwada, we lived a very hard life. In 1972, my family and I moved to Pune with the intention of getting some kind of job. Luckily I got a good job in Karvenagar, but it was unexpected, a prominent family approached me and they took me to Sinhagad fort at that time, I finally quit my daily job after 7 years.
When I was living on the top of the fort, I was very happy to see the unforgettable views of this fort. The day was invigorating and I loved waking up in the morning like this, who would say no to such fresh air and the opportunity to see that first sunrise?
The first ray of sunlight touches the fort before it touches any part of Pune and many Punekars are asleep at that time. With the beautiful life that God gave me, I decided to live here forever. Gradually my family and I set up our food stalls and started selling onions, vegetables, zhunka-bhakri and many other food items.
Both my children live in Pune city and I also have a granddaughter. I call her a fairy.

What is my advice?
This fort is for trekkers and I am very happy when I meet such people, I don't know if anyone has made this place a lover's place. And please don't throw rubbish on the fort. On the way back, tell the people below who 'Waghmare Aji' is!

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