Sheetal Barge
26 Nov, 12:00 AM
Dangerous road at Balewadi.

Balewadi, 26th: The road from Smart City at Dussehra Chowk here has been temporarily tarred. In this chowk where there is constant traffic and no sidewalks, pedestrians have to walk hand in hand. However, the citizens of this area are demanding something to be done. The road under Smart City at Dussehra Chowk in Balewadi has been temporarily paved before the monsoon. While doing this
This road is built high above the ground. Also, since there is no sidewalk here, citizens have to come and go from the road. Dussehra Chowk is the busiest chowk in Balewadi. There are many vegetable sellers along the road in this chowk, and there are small and big shops here, as well as a weekly market on Thursdays. On this day, it becomes difficult to walk on the road. In such a situation, pedestrians literally have to walk hand in hand while making their way through the vehicles. The possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out in a situation where the number of citizens going for walks every morning and evening is very high. Citizens of the area are demanding some concrete measures before such an accident happens again. 

Chetan Balwadkar: - As the sidewalks of this road are not ready yet, the citizens have to come and go on the road, but the work of this road should be completed as soon as possible so that accidents do not happen here.

Arun Godbole. Chief Engineer, Pune Smart City: - Road work will be undertaken at this place soon and till its completion, temporary iron barricades will be installed here.

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