Karina Rupani
26 Nov, 11:06 PM
Momo’s Corrner: How It Began And What’s Ahead

It began with Mr. Vikrant Bhilare’s stay in Kashmir, when he would ice skate and ride bikes and when tired, would look for some Maharashtra enlivened food yet wind up getting either maggi, momos or boiled eggs. His disappointment didn't end there. To his way back, in Delhi railroads, he would even now be served momos. He was totally unaware of the dish as it had a little to zero acknowledgment in the province of Maharashtra. In any case, the north tried to change that for him.

After his return, he took a stab at various business thoughts, be it dosa or idli or juice without any result. So when he at last gave his earlier disappointment, momo a possibility, his mother was stressed he would get home with another failure. Persuading her to be ready for this thought, he clarified the idea with references, for example, a Karanji or a modak. He had one concern altogether, the chutney. The chutney in Kashmir, he thought, didn't exactly have the 'zatka' that people of Maharashtra ache for. Thus, he requested his mother to take a stab at giving the chutney a taste that would turn into a triumph. After seven attempts, his mom surrendered and they agreed to the chutney of the seventh try.

Apprehensive his mother would be right about another disappointment, in 2006, he set up a stall with just two staff to avoid a greater loss. At first, the rickshaw drivers would expect the steam holder to contain idlis and make a stop yet return with nothing being uninformed of the dish and apathetic to try anything new. In any case and fortunately thus, the youth began assembling, given the cosmopolitan idea of the Koregaon park area. In those occasions, he brought home Rs. 700 per day and his mom was at last soothed at his child's journey towards a fruitful business. Soon, he managed to grow his business in the same area.

When asked about adaptation of digital world, he shared, "we are just at present restrictive with zomato. Our word of mouth exposure deals with the rest."

What should truly energize you is that the MOMO'S CORRNER IS FINALLY COMING IN YOUR AREA! Indeed, you read it right. He shared that he is right now in talks with eleven franchisee designs and would before long be affirming three - in SB, Aundh, NIBM.

It doesn't end here, the momos corner has something energizing coming up in their menu - the platter. Sharing this thought, he adds, "we have numerous new clients confounded about what to order from the menu thus, to get them out in a pocket friendly manner, we are presenting the platter where you'll get various flavors in a one plate of momos." Isn’t that exciting?

Where: Momo’s Corrner, Lane 6, Koregaon Park 
Bestselling: Tandoori Momos and Kurkure Momos 
Timings: 12pm to 11pm

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