Mithilesh Rokade
27 Nov, 1:24 AM
Modern Dhobi's of Dhobi ghat ! This laundry service is spreading so fast in Pune. Want to know who leads the business? Dive into article the below

In 1997, Mr. Ashok Bhagwat started Coins laundry Service at Navipeth. Since then. Mrs. Nalini, his wife, worked with Mr. Ashok in the laundry business.

In 2000, they moved their business to Barangni Mala which is located on DSK road and started providing service to the city from Dhayari.
That time, the culture of Dhobi ghat was trusted more than laundry services and people used to go Dattawadi for Haat Dhulai i.e. washing clothes by hands. 
Mrs. Nalini did that too, but the whole Bhagwat family followed their instinct which said that people will slowly believe how laundry service is more efficient.
They were right and so was their prediction ! 
Now they have 2 more branches and a separate factory at Dalviwadi to wash clothes, blankets and shoes.
What are their charges? 
Dry cleaning - ₹50 
For Saree - ₹150 
For Blankets - ₹150
For Shoes - ₹100
For Coats and Blazers - ₹300

Location - DSK road , Barangni Mala, Dhayari, Pune 


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