Sheetal Barge
27 Nov, 12:00 AM
Tulsi wedding begins in Baner Balewadi area

Balewadi 27th: It is customary to marry Tulsi from Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi to Tripurari Pournima. According to this, it is Diwali for five days. On these five days, Tulsi marriage is celebrated from house to house. Tulsi weddings have started with great enthusiasm in Baner Balewadi area and Tulsi weddings are being celebrated in the traditional way. Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi means Prabodhini Ekadashi is the belief that on this day Shri. Vishnu wakes up and Chaturmas ends. Therefore, from this day onwards, Vishnu and Tulsi are married. Tulsi has a unique significance in Hinduism. Most Hindu families have Tulsi Vrindavan in their yard and Tulsi marriages take place from house to house from Karthiki Ekadashi to Tripurari Pournima, which falls during Diwali. That is, it is customary to marry the Tulsi plant and Vishnu or Lord Krishna. According to this, this Tulsi marriage has started from house to house in Baner Balewadi area. For this, they decorate the house with Tulsi like a bride and keep Boram, Chincha and Amla near Tulsi. Also, new garments are placed on the tulsi by placing yellow kunkwa karanda, green bangles, small khan and other items required for the fragrances and sugarcane is erected as a mandav.
The marriage is performed as Mangalashtaka by placing an idol of Lord Krishna or Vishnu on the plate and holding a gap between the two.
Photo line: - Decoration of bride Tulshi and Navradeva Shrikrishna on the occasion of Tulsi wedding at Mrs. Neha Thackeray's house at Balewadi.

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