Pravin Doke
27 Nov, 6:47 PM
Formal meeting of Hamal Mathadi Mandal; Read complaints from members

Market Yard, 27th: A few days ago, members of Pune Hamal Mathadi Mandal were appointed. After that, after ten to twelve years, a formal meeting of Pune Hamal Mathadi Mandal was held on Thursday. At this meeting, the members read the complaints that they have been facing various problems for the last several years. It was decided that a meeting would be held again in January to resolve all the grievances.

Board Chairman and Assistant Labor Commissioner Vishal Ghodke, Labor Representative MLA Shashikant Shinde, Trade Representative Walchand Sancheti, Former President of The Poona Merchants Chamber, Amte Ghule, Vice President of Adte Association, Santosh Nangre and other trade representatives Mahavir Shah were present. Members of Pune Hamal Mathadi Mandal have been appointed. The Board consists of twelve members, each consisting of six workers and six trade representatives.

Many trade unions have sprung up under the name of Mathadi Mandal, through which traders and workers are being robbed. As a result, the trade union, Mathadi Mandal, was discredited. Therefore, the Mathadi Mandal members have not been appointed by the state government in the last ten years. Labor Minister Dilip Walse Patil has appointed members of the Mathadi Mandal. For the first time since then, the first meeting of this board was held in the hall of the Market Committee.

The members were formally introduced at the meeting on Thursday. Computers are old for working in board offices. Efficiency is low. Some members complained that the government has to get permission to buy new computers. Although the board has undergone an internal audit in the last few years, it has not yet received official approval. The members suggested that a decision be taken after re-examining the remaining errors. In this regard, it was decided to hold another meeting of the Board in the coming January meeting.

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