Noyonika Puram
27 Nov, 12:00 AM
Cafe Sky - The Fergussonite Staple

Almost every student of Fergusson College is familiar with Cafe Sky, the iconic cafe for evening snacks and simply hanging out inside the FC campus. However, this affordable and unique cafe deserves to be known by outsiders as well. 

Located just near gate 3 of Fergusson college, this cafe is hard to miss. Standing out with its walls covered in modern art and colourful lighting among the lush green campus. 
They serve almost every evening snack craving one could have, from maggi and chai to chocolate toast at prices affordable for college students.
The cafe is owned and run by a family and generally thrives due to the students on the campus. During this lockdown due to students not being on campus anymore, the cafe has lost a huge part of its core clientele. 
With their affordable yet delicious menu, iconic ambience and peaceful location inside the FC campus, Cafe Sky is definitely worth a visit for all, especially during these times until students return to campus.

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