Mithilesh Rokade
30 Nov, 12:33 AM
Lost his mom when he was 10 yrs old. People laughed at his physic when he chose bodybuilding and now, he is Jr. Maharashtra 2019.

I started working out two times every single day and also participated for many competitions, but failed.
However, when all the situations got handy, my graphs went high. The day when my friends laughed at me, was the day I saw them for the last time. But now things are different. They see my medals and trophies talk about my triumphs.
I represented my college at state level and won many prizes consecutively from 2017-20 . Eventually in that span, I was Jr.Pune for 2018 and 19 , won Sr. Pune Best Poser 2017 and the best moment was when I won the Jr. Maharashtra 2019. Today, I have my own gym. 
It all started with my friends poking fun at me and some golden words of my Dad. Every competition I participated, I have imagined my Mom and Dad whenever I felt that I was loosing. I lost my dad this year, but the words he said to me on the day when I cried, will always remain with me.
This is me, Sai Pardeshi.  

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