Karina Rupani
30 Nov, 10:43 AM
Science made fun! Box Of Science Offers Textbook Content With Activities.

A group of five, one of which is Parag Gore, have been Science Communicators since 2003 during their schooling period. In 2014, after their education, they started an institute called ‘Robotica’ with an inspiration to their earlier experience. Robotica has been an institute for kids with a passion for science and robotics since 2014 until the time they realised that it was too technical in nature for the targeted age group. 

With this thought, they founded an institute completely dedicated to science called ‘Box of Science’. Box of Science targets the age group of 05 – 15 years (Std. 1st – Std. 10th). It conducts activities in the nature of Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Robotics, Astronomy, etc. 

Box Of Science has tie-ups with 200+ schools in India and 500+ schools in South Asia, where their teams conduct activities as per the school’s requirements. They also have another option where they provide self – sufficient kits to kids through which the kids can upskill themselves. 

Where: Box of Science, Shivane 
Contact: Mr. Parag Gore 9028166874

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