Karina Rupani
30 Nov, 10:54 AM
NOBLE HOSPITAL: Life is precious. Let’s nurture it, together.

Noble Hospital is a tertiary care hospital in Hadapsar that was formed due to the tireless efforts Dr. Dileep Mane and his team. For creating a facility of this scale and magnitude, he faced several challenges initially that included finding suitable land, getting the necessary finance, and recruiting competent staff. But as they say - when intentions are good, challenges don’t stand a chance. The hospital was inaugurated on 7th July 2007. 

The mission of the Hospital is to provide high quality integrated healthcare to patients at an affordable cost. To further its mission, the hospital also undertakes several CSR activities and contributes towards the society in a meaningful manner. It intends to leverage the confusion people have with myriad options available by delivering accurate and advanced diagnostic solutions while maintaining complete transparency pertaining to the treatment. Their diagnostic solutions namely 4D imaging in ultrasound and cardiovascular ultrasound are particularly renowned. 

The hospital has integrated the most hi-tech methods in healthcare, examples of which include Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement, the new Litho Laser system used for ENT , General Surgery and Prosthetic Urology. 

Noble is not limited merely to treating illnesses but aims to foster an environment conducive to wellness. 


Where: Noble Hospital, Hadapsar 

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