Pravin Doke
30 Nov, 11:51 AM
With the inclusion of CAIT (CAT) in the open network concept of digital trade, will e-commerce be safe?

Market Yard, 30th: The Government of India has decided to change the face of the country's e-commerce sector. An open digital trading network will be created for this. The Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade has taken the initiative in this regard. DPIIT has taken the initiative to set up a steering committee to decide on the design, implementation and policy of ONDC.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT-CAT), one of the leading traders in the country, has been honored to work. CAIT had consistently pursued this with the Central Government. CAT National General Secretary, Khandelwal has been appointed as a member of the steering committee.

The Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade has delegated this responsibility to the Quality Council of India. The Commerce Department asked the Quality Council of India to implement the system on an experimental basis. The purpose is to prevent consumer fraud from e-commerce companies and to address their grievances. The government has been receiving complaints from consumers about existing e-commerce companies. Therefore, this system is urgently needed.

Image Courtesy: Economic Times

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