Sheetal Barge
30 Nov, 1:09 PM
Beware! Chance of an accident on Baner Road

Balewadi, 30th: The lid of the chamber in front of Hotel Bhairavi on Baner Main Road has completely ruptured and there is a possibility of a major accident. Citizens of the area are demanding immediate repair of the chamber. On the way from Shivajinagar to Mumbai-Bangalore highway, the cement lid of a single chamber in front of Hotel Bhairavi on the road has completely burst and a big pit has been created here. This chamber is on the right side of the road so there is a risk of an accident here. Citizens have also planted coconut husks and some pieces of flooring in the chamber to make it noticeable. Baner Road is a very busy road and citizens have to face constant traffic jams here. There is a possibility of a major accident here as the broken chamber was not noticed at night or in the morning.

Sandeep Chabukaswar, Junior Engineer Path Division: - The cover of this chamber will be installed here immediately.

Vishwas Kalamkar, Baner resident: -This road is very busy and this chamber should be repaired immediately before an accident.

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